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SPECTRA for Windows® Announces Internet Enabled - Thin Client

October 1,1999

In keeping with their commitment to provide leading edge technology to benefit their customers, Spectra Computer Services Ltd. (Spectra) is pleased to announce that a unique version of SPECTRA for Windows® Property Management Accounting and Leasing Software is now compatible with Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server Edition.

Referred to as a "Thin Client" solution, this breakthrough technology offers several productivity enhancing and cost saving advantages for property management companies.

  1. Provides Real Time Remote Site Processing capability using "Wide Area Network" (WAN) technology. Spectra clients can now decentralize their accounting or management functions to regional offices or site managers by providing these individuals with a real time connection SPECTRA for Windows® at the head office. In turn, head office staff will also reap the benefits of knowing that they can quickly access accurate and up to the minute reports for their property owners or management.

  2. Property Owners can now access their personal portfolio financial information via the Internet. Using "Thin Client" technology in conjunction with the Internet, will provide even the most mobile Owners with the ability to dial into SPECTRA for Windows® at the head office to access data whenever they choose and from wherever they happen to be.

  3. Staff can access SPECTRA for Windows® from home or on the road. Employees using the Internet can now connect to SPECTRA for Windows® from home or while traveling for the purposes of accessing information and even updating data. This tool is sure to increase office productivity and will allow management companies to more effectively serve their clients.

  4. Upgrading desktop hardware may be a thing of the past. The "Thin Client" solution is also beneficial for reducing the costs of maintaining a local area network (LAN) environment. As applications in a thin client environment run strictly on the server, client workstations have virtually no processing requirements. This will provide property management offices with the opportunity to put some of their old, previously unusable desktop machines back to work. As long as the workstation has a screen, a mouse, a keyboard, a network connection and is running Windows 3.11 or higher, the workstation could even be as old as a 386.
"This exciting advancement is going to open up an entirely new world of opportunities in the property management industry," comments Del Dunford, President of Spectra Computer Services Ltd. "For instance, this can used as a vehicle to promote flexibility in the traditional office by enabling employees to work just as efficiently from home or on the road as they could at their desk. In addition to increasing productivity, this may also prove to be a great morale booster for many in today’s busy workforce."

There are numerous direct benefits to property managers and property management accountants. A centralized database provides more effective data control, consistent backups, and increased data security. Also, centralized systems integration means that the entire office is using a common set of applications, at the same version level, which provides standardization among workers and workstations. In this situation a systems integrator could manage an entire office LAN, as well as a number of remote users, all from one desk, contributing to a lower cost of systems ownership. Software upgrades are installed only once, at the server, eliminating the need to install new versions at every workstation.

By providing property managers with a competitive edge with only minimal requirements for upgrading desktop hardware, these advantages ensure a lower overall cost of ownership. Utilizing this technology, SPECTRA for Windows® clients will get the most out of their investment with the least amount of resources.

"For SPECTRA for Windows® clients, these advances will provide virtually unlimited tools for unlocking their potential for personal development and corporate growth, well into the next millennium. Essentially, the "thin client" solution will make it even easier for property managers to make their Owners more money, give them better service with less effort while increasing profits for the management firm."

Spectra has been an exclusive developer of Property Management Accounting & Leasing Software since 1983. SPECTRA for Windows® delivers a flexible, easy to use, powerful, and comprehensive Property Management database, with or without integrated accounting. Recognized as being Microsoft Office 97 Compatible and Designed for Windows ?8/NT, SPECTRA for Windows® has over 200 preformatted and customizable reports designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of residential, commercial, industrial, office, condominium, and shopping center portfolios.

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