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Version 4.2 of Spectra for Windows released for distribution
Dec 4, 2002

In keeping with our 20 year commitment to annually enhance our products so as to keep our clients technologically current and competitive, Spectra is proud to announce the general distribution of major Release 4.2. of SPECTRA for Windows?

Since its introduction in 1996, SPECTRA for Windows?/span>, our 32 bit property management software, has undergone a continuous and exciting evolution to become one of the most user friendly, flexible, comprehensive, powerful and cost effective solutions available for both fee managers as well as owner/managers.

SPECTRA for Windows?/span> Release 4.2 incorporates new functionality and new reports, in addition to numerous enhancements as recommended by our clients. Highlights of Release 4.2 include the following items:


1. Placing invoices on hold

Our clients now have the option of temporarily putting payment of any invoice on hold and detailing the reason for the held invoice. The reason for withholding payment will print on supplier invoice reports and will also display on the supplier inquiry screen.

2. Addition of a distinct Tenant Improvement Tab

Activities and items specifically associated to tenant improvements can now be recorded in a unique and easily accessible location, making it easier to track the costs associated with these improvements and to ensure that the work is properly recorded and within allowable budgets. This information can also print on the Tenant Abstract.

3. Recording multiple types of supplier’s insurance

There is no longer a limit to the number or type of insurance policies that can be tracked per supplier in SPECTRA for Windows?/span>.

4. Improvements to Security Access

Tighter controls have been implemented in the Data Security Module. Users can now be prevented from accessing any information about any aspect of entities which are not within their designated portfolio. This change paves the way for managers to allow owners restricted access to their system via the Internet to only view information that pertains to their properties.


5. Spanish Tenant Receivables Reports

In consideration of the increasing number of Spectra clients who have tenants whose first language is Spanish, we have added an option allowing all our tenant receivable reports to also print in Spanish.

6.Another Custom Rent Roll

A client in New York requested we develop a rent roll which displays either the market rent or the expected rent in addition to the existing various other important and standard data elements.

7. Four new financial statement formats

To supplement the dozens of preformatted financial statements SPECTRA for Windows?/span> already produces, as well as the ability for our clients to create custom reports, we have added four new formats that our clients have requested.

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