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Version 4.8 of SPECTRA for Windows® released
January 8, 2004

Spectra’s latest annual general release, Version 4.8 has recently been distributed. All Medallion Service subscribers automatically receive this upgrade as part of their Medallion Service program. Release 4.8 offers numerous enhancements, incorporates new functionality and features several new reports.

As always, many of the enhancements are a direct result of constructive and appreciated feedback provided by Spectra’s customers.
Following are just some of the highlights of Release 4.8

Job Cost Module- Spectra's Job Cost Module is fully integrated to the Accounting Module and can function as an independent stand alone application or can share the same robust database with the Property Management Module. Our Job Cost Module can be used to efficiently manage almost any type of construction project, from a basic tenant improvement to the complex challenges of construction an entire building from scratch.
General Features Include: Construction budgeting, subcontract management, change order management, construction loan reporting, tracking insurance certificates and tracking preliminary notices.
Purchase Order Module - Create auto numbering, multi-line item, general-purpose purchase orders which include a detailed description and price of each item. Upon receipt of goods ordered, if quantities do not match original PO you can back order the balance. Seamlessly interfaces to the Accounts Payable Module, if required.

Customer Work Order - We have made a major enhancement to the Work Order module to allow you to enter A/P invoices from within the Work Order module.

Gross Rent Potential Report - This new report shows the gross potential rent in a building and any reductions to that rent and how tenant receipts were applied in a month to those rents.

Vacancy Analysis - This report features daily vacancy accounting as per the date selected and monthly rent amounts. It consists of a detail section, which will also print future vacancies (if the move out date has been entered) and a vacancy summary and occupancy analysis.

Check Printing - If you want the check stub to show an invoice split among several buildings as one invoice for the full amount and not several invoices for split amounts, you may now select the option of consolidating the A/P invoices on the check stub.

Supplier Invoice Batch Entry ?As a result of the requirements of our new Job Cost module, we have modified the Supplier Invoice entry program.

Tenant Deposits ?Apply Credit Deposits - If a tenant’s security deposit is returned NSF, we now offer an alternative method of applying the deposit to the receivables and then NSF’ing the resulting entry in the receivables.

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