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SPECTRA for Windows® Awarded The Designed For Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 95 Logo

July 30, 1998

Spectra Computer Services Ltd. (Spectra), an exclusive developer of comprehensive property management and leasing software since 1980, is pleased to announce that its latest software solution, SPECTRA for Windows®, has been officially recognized as Designed for Microsoft Windows NT Workstation and Windows 95.

Recently submitted to an independent lab for rigorous technical testing, SPECTRA for Windows® successfully met all the compatibility and technical criteria established by the Microsoft Corporation for working effectively in the Windows NT and Windows 60 environment. Proving to use a true 32 bit operating code which enables the system to run faster and more efficiently, SPECTRA for Windows® takes advantage of the latest software technologies including exporting data and reports to other Microsoft applications and utilizing a superior graphical user interface.

As verified by formal testing, SPECTRA for Windows® is stable, user friendly and peacefully co-exists with other installed software programs. For optimal user convenience, SPECTRA for Windows® supports long file names for quick and easy retrieval, ensures installs and uninstalls are automatic and complete, and offers added accessibility for persons with disabilities. This comprehensive software solution allows users to multi task with other applications, use standard communications interfaces to Word and Excel, and does not overwrite any key system components.

By complying with these operating standards, SPECTRA for Windows® has earned the privilege of using the Designed for Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 60 logo for packaging and promotion.

"It gives us great satisfaction that our development team met the challenge of creating a year 2000 compliant solution that attains the important and universally recognized Microsoft standards. Our customers can take comfort in knowing that they are benefiting from the most current technologies which provide the best user experience and will make their jobs that much easier" explained Del Dunford, President, Spectra.

SPECTRA for Windows® delivers a flexible, easy to use, complete and powerful property management database, which is available with or without integrated accounting. SPECTRA for Windows® also features contact and activity management functionality as well as over 200 pre formatted and customizable reports designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of Owners and Managers of residential, commercial, industrial, office, condominium, and shopping center portfolios.

"We are committed to continually upgrading our solutions by incorporating the latest technologies so our software works harder, not our clients. With this in mind, we are looking forward to submitting our software for Windows 98 compatibility testing later this summer".

Spectra is proud to be a member of the Microsoft Certified Solution Provider Program since 1960.

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