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SPECTRA for Windows® Awarded The Microsoft Office 97 Compatible Logo

July 30, 1998

Spectra Computer Services Ltd (Spectra), an exclusive developer of comprehensive property management and leasing software since 1980, is proud to announce that SPECTRA for Windows®, a 32 bit year 2000 compliant software solution, meets all the requirements associated with being a Microsoft Office 97 Compatible program.

SPECTRA for Windows®, available with and without integrated accounting, officially conforms to the strict Graphical User Interface standards of the Microsoft Office 97 Suite. In terms of consistency in appearance and functionality, SPECTRA for Windows® completes tasks in a similar manner to Microsoft products. Making the program easy to operate, SPECTRA for Windows® features a standard toolbar, main menu bar, pop up menus and accelerator keys comparable to those used in other Microsoft Office 97 applications.

For professionals in the property management industry, SPECTRA for Windows® provides seamless integration with other MS Office 97 productivity applications. As an example, data created and generated in SPECTRA for Windows® can be effortlessly exported through a single button interface into Microsoft Word or Excel. In addition, letters, faxes, pictures or blueprints can be conveniently stored in SPECTRA for Windows® utilizing object linking and embedding (OLE) capability, which enables property management professionals to have critical information available instantly at their fingertips.

SPECTRA for Windows® also offers the convenience of interfacing with Microsoft Outlook to provide time management functionality such as scheduling appointments, reminders and following up on calls.

In addition, all of the modules in SPECTRA for Windows®, including Integrated Property Management Accounting, Commercial Recovery Calculation, MICR Laser Checks, Shopping Center Sales and % Rent Reporting, Maintenance Management, Energy Tracking and Data Security, have also been recognized for their user-friendliness and compatibility.

To obtain the Microsoft Office 97 compatible designation, SPECTRA for Windows® was independently evaluated at the Veritest facility in Santa Monica California, based upon formal criteria set out and determined by Microsoft.

Spectra is proud to be a member of the Microsoft Certified Solution Provider Program since 1960.

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