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Updated Release of SPECTRA for Windows® Delivers An Effective Microsoft Office ’97 Compatible Solution For Property Managers Incorporating Year 2000 Compliance And 32 Bit Technology

December 10, 1997

Spectra Computer Services Ltd., (Spectra), a leading supplier of property management software solutions, is pleased to announce its long anticipated Microsoft Office ’97 compatible, 32 bit, Windows 60 version of SPECTRA for Windows®. This comprehensive software provides an effective solution for the year 2000 ensuring accuracy of all current and future accounting and database information past the year 1999.

Release 1.5 of SPECTRA for Windows®, available in the first quarter of 1998, is designed specifically to take full advantage of the power of Microsoft’s Office ’97 suite by providing a robust and seamless interface to Word, Excel, Outlook and Access.

Consequently, SPECTRA for Windows® becomes the central office application, enhancing productivity for every member of the property management team including support staff, property managers, leasing agents, accountants, and senior management. Further, the advanced interface to Microsoft’s Outlook scheduling and Email program makes SPECTRA for Windows® fully Internet enabled as well as providing advanced task and contact management functions.

SPECTRA for Windows® release 1.5 demonstrates, through its seamless integration to Microsoft Office ’97 the benefits of our ongoing relationship with Microsoft as a Certified Solution Provider. Our commitment to our customers is to provide visionary, state of the art, and year 2000 compliant solutions at a very cost-effective price. I strongly believe that release 1.5 effectively meets this commitment" comments Del Dunford, President of Spectra.

"We are confident SPECTRA for Windows® will be a dominant force in the North American Property Management industry because our program was designed from input received from professionals working in the field, namely our clients, and our staff, many of whom are former property managers or accountants. At Spectra, our goal is to offer a property management software solution which is flexible, easy to learn and use so our customers can concentrate on their primary business, not on trying to figure out new software. SPECTRA for Windows® allows users to generate complex information and reports, previously taking hours or days, within minutes or even seconds".

"SPECTRA for Windows® delivers a flexible, complete and powerful property management database, which is available with or without integrated accounting. This fully comprehensive information system, with over 200 predefined reports, is designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of property owners and managers of residential, commercial, industrial, office, condominium, and shopping center portfolios.

In addition to integrated property management modules including accounting, MICR laser checks, work order, maintenance management and data security, Spectra offers advanced features such as electronic filing for all types of correspondence as well as picture imaging for desktop access to photographs, floor plans, maps and CAD drawings.

Spectra, an international, exclusive developer of Real Estate Management automation solutions since 1980, is a certified Microsoft Solution Provider and has installed thousands of modules to assist Property and Asset Management professionals achieve unparalleled portfolio growth and profitability.

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