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Optional Dedicated On-Site or Phone/Internet Training
Spectra offers dedicated, on-site or phone/Internet training to compliment and add value to the telephone-based CIT services.

Why Opt for Dedicated Training
Given the comprehensiveness of SPECTRA for Windows®, dedicated training is beneficial to identifying what features of the software will be of most benefit to each unique client. Individual training will help the client to release the full potential of SPECTRA for Windows® as it relates specifically to their firm.

How It Works
Dedicated training can be scheduled at any time during your SPECTRA for Windows® implementation.
One of our qualified trainers will get a first-hand understanding of how you run your business and the current challenges you face.
Using your data, one of our qualified trainers will guide you through SPECTRA for Windows® and demonstrate how you can use it to maximize your productivity.
Suggested training time varies depending on which modules you invest in and how many staff members are planning on using.

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