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As Spectra is committed to ensuring our products are the most easy to use yet advanced solutions available, we use Microsoft development standards and environments because of their adherence to these principals.

SPECTRA for Windows® is the only Property Management system in existence that meets this design goal.

Technical Details

SPECTRA for Windows® is developed in Visual Basic for Applications with the Microsoft Access Database development tool set and Access ACE database engine.

This software architecture delivers :
Full 32 Bit Windows Programs
Complete OLE Support
An Open Database architecture with full ODBC compliance
User Tailored Screens, menu's and fields
Extensive Drill down capability
Unparalleled options for Custom and Ad Hoc data retrieval and Report Writing
Building , Portfolio and User, Data and system security
Seamless Data Integration to Microsoft Office products

The Microsoft Access development environment is the most advanced and widely used desktop development system in use in the world today. It focuses on delivering a highly productive, easy to use development environment for professional developers and first time users, with an easy to use graphical interface, design wizards and rapid development reporting capability, while minimizing the "lines" of codes needed, thereby increasing the reliability of developed systems.

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